Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love. Ask. Repeat.

Please allow me to get philosophical for a moment... When you do business with someone, and especially when it's a "big ticket" item, it's important to know the foundations of the people you're dealing with.  Who are they?  What matters to them?  What do they believe?  The answers will give you some clues about how you'll be served.

We want to know and love you.  We want to understand your situation and goals.  When we do, then we're poised to get on board with what you want and help you get it.  That's the kind of love we want to give.  We also want to be loved, BTW.  We are in a privileged position of serving you on what's likely the biggest financial transaction of your life, and we can make a BIG positive difference.  When we do something meaningful with you and for you and do it with great care, we hope to earn a special place in your heart.   

We're good at listening and asking is the first step of listening.  We ask lots of questions...we ask about your objectives, concerns and background.  Our skill in asking moves the conversation so we get to design a course of action that best serves you.  We also ask for feedback.  We want the kudos when we're doing well, and we REALLY want the feedback when you think we should correct course.  This is key to creating satisfaction over time, and to earning your repeat and referral business. 

We're in this with you...and for the long haul.  That means practice.  We are disciplined to practice and constantly improve so we can be there for you in the future too.  The next chapter in life will come:  your next home, your vacation home or your first investment property.  We look forward to serving you again.  We also know you'll have friends and colleagues who will need our help...and the next time that pops up, we want you to instantly and enthusiastically offer to introduce us. 

In the end it's all about satisfaction.  It's about how you talk about us "out there".  Give my team a chance, and we'll give you our best...

You know... kind of like the shampoo instructions... "Lather, rinse, repeat."

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