Saturday, May 7, 2011

Marvel #4: Worthy of Anyone's Bucket List

Awesome Trees

Friends and clients from other parts of the country or world often remark about our majestic big trees, and of course Oregon's state tree is the Douglas Fir, which grows to massive size.  But if you really want to put something worthy on your bucket list, go lie down on your back on a soft bed of redwood duff and gaze upward at a 300 foot tall giant swaying, moving, living and reaching to the sky.  It's truly unforgettable, even for a jaded and fortunate Oregonian.

These trees simply define "big".  Not counting the fascinating fungus that grow hundreds of acres large under a forest floor, Sequoia Gigantia grow to be the largest living thing on earth by volume, and Coastal Redwoods grow to be the tallest. 

So...I highly recommend that you and your family pick one of these and put a visit in your summer calendar...

This summer!
  • Big Basin State Park near San Jose/Santa Cruz
  • The largest tree by volume in the world, the General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park
  • The famous and oddly shaped Grizzly Giant tree in Yosemite National Park
  • or within a shorter day's drive, in the northwestern corner of California, off Highway 101...a special place known as the Avenue of the Giants where yes, you really can see a road built through a tree.

For real tree lovers, I know you'll also enjoy this great photoessay by a couple trekking through redwood forest country.    

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